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Geoffrey Ambridge was the son of Sidney Ambridge, who was one of the founders of Die Casting Machine Tools Ltd. (DCMT).  Geoffrey passed away in May 2015, but his website is preserved here as an archive of Lone Star and DCMT information.  His books are still available, please follow the link below.

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   Lone Star Diecast Models  

"Lone Star" was the Toy Division of Die Casting Machine Tools Ltd. of Palmers Green, London, N13, England, established in 1939.  They were among the world's leading manufacturers of die cast metal model cap-firing guns, and model vehicles - road - rail - air.  The range of Western-style pistols and rifles was first introduced in 1949.  In 1960, Lone Star Products Ltd. entered the die cast metal car market and, ten years later, their range comprised over 70 different models, the series of which were continually added to until 1988 when the company was sold.

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